Thought Leadership

Our track record as regional experts with a truly global outlook has allowed us to gain genuine thought leadership on all aspects regarding regional investment best practices. Our partners are global leaders who appreciate our knowledge, transparency, efficiency and execution capabilities. Parador's executives and advisors are leaders in their respective fields and trusted members of their communities. Parador goes to great lengths to maintain its reputation in the countries in which we operate by not only strictly adhering to legal and regulatory frameworks but also by being active members of our communities. Leadership is at the core of the firm's DNA. 

Core Values 

Since its inception, Parador has adhered to a guiding set of principles and core values to help us maintain our core mission and do what's best for our clients, investors and partners. 

  • Our reputation is our most important asset and we will maintain it by always adhering to the highest ethical standards. 

  • Clear and constant communication is one of the keys to our success. 

  • Passionate pursuit of excellence in our daily work and in our evolving business affairs. 

  • Always do what's in the best interest of our partners, clients and investors. 

  • Focus on quality. We prefer to maintain a laser-like focus on carefully selected transactions we undertake, rather than take on a large number of mandates that exceed our capacity to execute efficiently and diligently. 

Global Footprint

Parador is firmly rooted in the region in which we operate. With our headquarters in the UAE, one of the leading international hubs, Parador remains close to many of our clients, investors and partners. At the same time, true to its global approach, Parador maintains a strong presence in other key markets including: The United States, The United Kingdom, Brazil and China. 


Parador is constantly working on cutting-edge and innovative transactions in private equity, tech and other exciting industries. Parador offers a unique platform for talented individuals to work on unique transactions and have a meaningful impact. If you would like to be considered, please send us an email at 

Parador is always looking for unique transactions with superior risk-adjusted returns. Please review our investment criteria before submitting your proposal at 

The Parador Name

Parador was named after the traditional guesthouses that came to prominence in Andalusian Spain, where travelers from both East and West congregated. Parador Capital aims to foster this same spirit of cross-cultural interaction and collaboration in its business affairs.