Parador traces its origins to 2008 during a tumultuous period in global financial markets. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 created a severe dislocation in asset prices around the world, especially in the OECD block. This created a unique opportunity for astute investors with "dry powder" to take advantage of distressed asset prices not seen in decades. Parador's first mandate was to advise an international sovereign wealth fund on overseas acquisitions. Since then, Parador has played a leading role in advising and co-investing alongside regional investors in global markets.

To date, some of the investment areas that Parador covers include: 

  • Alternative Investments 
  • Private placements
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital 

Tapping its network of global leaders, Parador offers partners "first look" into some of the most unique transactions in global markets. Parador takes extreme measures to make sure that each transaction we sponsor is fully vetted through rigorous selection criteria.

In order to maintain our reputation, Parador conducts a highly rigorous selection process of each deal that comes through our pipeline. Above all we want to ensure that we are presenting to our investors only "best of breed" transactions. Of the total deals we see each year, we end up sponsoring on average 2 out of 100. Some of the criteria we use to help us during the mandate selection process - the "go or no go"  phase - include: 

  • ​Reputation of Deal Sponsor
  • Structure of the Deal (Equity, Convertible, etc)
  • Size of transaction (Typically we're looking for +$25M equity ticket size)
  • Investment Lock-Up Period (In the case of Alternative Asset Managers)
  • Expected IRR
  • Exit Opportunities 


In certain cases, Parador structures strategic, long-term joint-venture partnerships with leading groups based on a deep alignment of interests. These strategic relationships allow us to provide our investor base access to "best of breed" deal flow from leading global sponsors. For more information on our due diligence process please email us at proposals@parador-capital.com. 


  • In-depth regional knowledge combined with international expertise

  • Global footprint with a presence in GCC, Asia, Europe & the Americas

  • World-class Team & Board of Advisors

  • 10 Year Track Record 

The Parador Advantage

Parador Overview